About Us

InfoSec is one of the best Computer Hardware and Networking, Data Recovery, software solutions in Kerala. ‘ InfoSecInfra LLP ’ is a Kozhikode (Calicut) based company leaded by team of directors who had worked for US Department of Defense and Department of state projects. We are at the top positions among our competitors. We can give services related to System and Network. 24/7 Customer support/Service is our specialty.
   We are committed for making quality services affordable for our customer. Affordable and quality service on computers is just one way we stand up for you against giant service providers.. Our Team is very well experienced in High end Networking, Data Recovery and providing tailored solutions for Networking and Network security needs of our customers. We also is providing Hardware and Network AMC for Corporate clients. Presently our R &D team is researching on finding affordable renewable energy solutions for our customers. Apart from that our BPO business giving expert advice and technical assistance for our offshore customers.

Why Choose Us ?

Knowledge and Expertise : InfoSec experts hold numerous certifications including various Microsoft, Cisco, and security certifications. InfoSecInfra LLP is leaded by professionals, having world wide experience, including United States Department of Defence and Department of State projects, in designing,installing,Managing and securing network InfoSec maintains strategic partnerships with numerous technology leaders, including Microsoft, Cisco, and VMware. The InfoSecInfra’s Difference: Relationships with hundreds of companies give us a unique understanding of business technology, applications and regulatory requirements. InfoSecInfra’ s designs, implements and supports security in business environments daily and understands the real-life security and technology challenges facing your business. .

Our Strength

Our Loyal Relationship with Customers

Time-to-Time services which are the essential components of professionalism

Highly Specialized and focused both on technology and customer needs

Leadership Quality

Unique in Implementing latest technology tested and proven in the lab.

Team Comprising Experts with high experience in the it and security engineering industry